Tools you can use to generate a GUID

This site is built to give a bit more information about GUIDs, there's lots of different ways of actually generating a GUID that probably fit into your day-to-day workflow better


Code samples


        var guid = new Guid();


        UUID uuid = UUID.randomUUID();


        require 'securerandom'
        # As of Ruby 1.9

Generate a GUID

Quickly generate a compliant version 4 GUID using our online tool

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What is a GUID

A GUID or UUID is a 128-bit unique reference number used in computing, a GUID follows a specific structure defined in RFC 4122 and come in a few different versions and variants.

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How to make a GUID

Interested in the nuts and bolts of how GUIDs are created? We'll give you a nice overview so you don't need to get too bogged down in the spec.

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